Emily: 7 Months



– had her first snow storm during her first Halloween weekend! We received about 6 inches in our area and were lucky enough not to loose power but hundreds of thousands of people in our state did, including my parents and my brother & his fiancee and several friends. But, we took Emily outside and she would launch herself backwards in the snow when I had her sitting up in it. So funny! Guess she wanted to make snow angels!

– had her doctor’s appointment rescheduled to next week so we’re not sure her height or weight yet. But she’s definitely growing! She’s definitely getting taller – most of her 6 months pants are too short and we usually have her in 9 month PJs.

– has been sitting in her high chair. It’s nice that she’s sturdy enough to sit in it – makes cooking and doing dishes so much easier. Though, she’s discovered the If I Drop Something, Mamma Will Pick It Up game.

– started saying more “ba ba ba ba” sounds and sometimes “ma ma ma” and “da da da” sounds which thrills us so much! We are all anxiously awaiting the first time she says “mama” and “dada” and means it. Though, she seems to say “mama” when she gets upset.

– eats solids twice a day. We’ve added a fruit/oatmeal during her second feeding of the day and she eats her veggies at her last feeding. I’m always unsure how much she should be actually eating but she seems happy still so we must be on the right track.

– sits up very well on her own. I still put a boppy pillow behind her just in case she falls backwards suddenly but it’s not stuffed around her so she’s supported on her own (know what I mean?).

– takes longer naps when I put her in her crib. When I’m home with her on the weekends and Fridays, she usually takes a nap around 8:30/9am and can nap for up to close to 2 hours! I usually put her in her crib upstairs and I’m able to chill out get tons of chores done while she naps.

– started watching the Baby Signing Time DVD. Emily is enthralled with it – she just loves other babies! We’ve started incorporating signs for milk and eat among others into our daily routines. Overall it’s something fun that we can do as a family.


– have many moments where I get a little teary thinking how much Emily has grown already and that we are speeding that much closer to her first birthday! Each time Emily outgrows her clothes and I set them aside to pack them away, it just reminds me how precious each moment is.

– am still finding balance for things in my life. I constantly feel like my mind races thinking of things that need to be done, making mental grocery lists, etc. Honestly, what did I do with all the time I had before?

– recently scheduled a doctor’s visit to speak to my doctor about PPD. One day I’ll write about my experience but suffice it to say that I haven’t been myself. I took my doctor’s advice on a couple of things and have been feeling much, much better.

– feel like every month I say, “I love this age!”. I’m just absolutely amazed at each month and all the new things that Emily learns, that I learn about her and myself, etc. But I do love 7 months!

– am looking forward to the holiday season with Emily. She loves the tree and my mom bought Emily a couple of Elmo and Abby Cadabby ornaments so she loves to check them out too. It’s going to be so special this year.

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